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TikTok influencer collaboration

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What is Embassy?

Instagram influencer partnership

Features & benefits

Make your creator collabs scalable.

Embassy gives you the tools to take control of your influencer marketing efforts without endless DMing, emailing, and negotiating (or paying someone to do all that for you).

Creator Discovery

Find creators based on followers, industry, and more.
Direct Offers

Direct Offers

Submit collaboration requests directly to creators.
Secure Payments

Secure Payments

End-to-end payments handled inside the app.

How it works

Find creators.

Filter through a variety of creators based on industry, follower count, engagement, and more to find the perfect match for your brand.

Choose your content.


Select all the deliverables you want in your partnership. Choose from Instagram content, TikTok videos, User Generated Content, and custom requests.

Give campaign info.


Fill out all the details about your potential partnership— dates you want the content by,
what you want the creator to do, any product or service you’re providing, and any relevant attachments.

New collaboration requests

Submit your offer.


Let the creator know what you’re willing to pay for the collaboration. Creators have one week to review your offer before it expires and you’re automatically refunded.

Collab the right way.


Direct creator communication, easy deliverable tracking, and automated payouts are all standard with an Embassy collab. Creators are only paid upon completion or your money back!

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