Embassy is the advertising platform powered by your customers' voices.

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TikTok influencer collaboration

Embassy is the Uber of advertising where your customers advertise for you.

Instagram influencer partnership

Stop wasting time and adspend on oversaturated channels.

Focus on your brand experience and Embassy will help your customers share it with the world.

Unlimited Content

Diverse, authentic, and high quality content generated by your biggest fans.
Direct Offers

Higher Engagement

Ambassador posts connect with potential customers outside of restrictive business algorithms
Secure Payments

More Conversions

New customers interact with your brand already trusting and ready to buy.

How it works

Create campaign.

Fill out all the details about your campaign— dates, content format (UGC or Posted Content), and creator instructions.
New collaboration requests

Capture content.


Users join your campaign and begin submitting content for approval. Once approved, they are notified to start posting and sharing with their audience!

Convert customers.


Now you've got your brand's story in front of thousands of new potential buyers. The only thing left to do is perfect your funnels and watch new customers flow through.

Embassy unlocks new growth by turning your customers into brand ambassadors.
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